BC Life Insurance Rewards Program

DENT Benefits Consulting Ltd. is excited to announce the inception of a new BC life insurance rewards program, the first of its kind in Canada! To encourage healthy living, life insurance programs are now available on a point based system. Points can be redeemed to earn rewards and lower premiums on an annual basis.

Rising health care costs are the primary reason for this new program. It is in everyone’s best interest (including the insurance providers) for people to live healthy and active lifestyles. This program was first introduced to the US with great success. Policy holders that participate in the program are motivated to set goals and make strides toward a healthier lifestyle.

While the overall goal is to lower health care costs across the country, the BC life insurance rewards program is designed to offer individual incentives for each of the plan participants.

So how does it work?

BC life insurance rewards program members are provided with a Garmen watch ($150 value) and a free annual checkup ($250 value) to make sure they are on track to meet their goals. This wearable technology is used to track your current stats and provide motivation to achieve your health goals. If you already have a wearable fitness tracker, it can be integrated to earn points and participate in the program.

Even if you prefer not to wear a health tracking device, members can login and track their activities online anywhere in the world.

Leveraging technology is allowing insurance providers to engage with policy holders on a personal level and provide customized solutions that fit your lifestyle. Rather than treating all clients the same, DENT believes in leveraging current technology to create your own personalized risk management solution.

If you are interested in learning more about the BC life insurance rewards program, please contact DENT Benefits Consulting Ltd.

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