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Why Financial Literacy is Important for Your Employees in Canada

Financial literacy is important for your employees in Canada, especially this time of year when RRSP season is just around the corner. It may seem obvious to most business owners but consider that many of your employees may not be as financially literate as you are. Employees are the backbone of every successful business, helping…
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Why Financial Wellness is Important for your Employees in Canada

We have written many articles on employee health and wellness, which is crucial to productivity and profitability for your business. Financial wellness is important for your employees in Canada as well, it is a critical part of the overall well-being of your workforce. What is financial wellness? Financial wellness describes an employees overall financial state.…
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Common Myths about Group RRSPs for Small Businesses in Canada

There has been a long-standing myth in the Canadian workforce that you need to work for a large corporation or in the public sector to secure a comfortable retirement. Group RRSPs for small businesses in Canada were a pipe dream in the past, after all how were they going to compete with the Canadian government…
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