COVID-19 Travel Insurance Coverage – Manulife Pandemic Travel Plan

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down and one of the biggest changes is the fear of travelling. Many people are concerned their current medical insurance will not cover them if they contract COVID-19 away from their home city/province. COVID-19 travel insurance coverage gives piece of mind to Canadians who need to travel for work or for unexpected family visits.

Manulife is the largest travel insurance provider in Canada and has a long track record of protecting Canadians against unexpected medical costs while travelling. To protect Canadians, Manulife has created specialized travel insurance that can provide medical coverage in the event of illness due to the COVID-19 virus.

Here are the items protected under the COVID-19 travel insurance coverage:

Emergency Medical Insurance for Non-COVID‑19 related medical conditions Up to $5,000,000 CAD per insured
Emergency Medical Insurance for COVID‑19 and related conditions after a positive test result while at destination, including Emergency Air Transport to return you home Up to $200,000 CAD per insured
Quarantine expenses after a COVID‑19 positive test result, denied entry or contact tracing while at destination $150/day up to $2,100 per person, or
$300/day up to $4,200 per family(Maximum duration of 14 days)
Level 3 Travel Advisory upgraded to Level 4 Travel Advisory by Canadian Government Up to a combined $500 CAD per person for:

·         Return airfare

·         Meals and accommodations

Canadians of any age can be covered under this plan as long as they are a Canadian resident and already part of a Canadian provincial or territorial health insurance plan. There are no medical questions at the time of application for people under the age of 60.

COVID-19 travel insurance coverage protects you against unexpected costs should you or a family member contract the virus. Here are just some of the items covered under this plan.

  • Hospital and physician services
  • Paramedical services
  • Emergency medical transport home
  • Returning home children, companions, pets, or vehicles in the event you contract the virus
  • Meal, hotel, and childcare costs
  • Death expenses

If you are interested in COVID-19 travel insurance coverage and want to learn more about the Manulife Pandemic Travel Plan, contact DENT Benefits today to ensure your protection against costs associated with the virus!

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