Do You Know What You Are Missing Out On?

Easy, Efficient, Eco-Friendly

5 Reasons Companies Need Technology

  1. Mobile app and electronic claim submissions
  2. On line real time administration platform
  3. Total Compensation Statements
  4. Automated Prescription delivery service
  5. Claims Analytic Reporting

Plan Administrator Experience

  • Real time Administrative changes (additions, terminations, etc)
  • Monthly invoices available online
  • Claims and admin forms available online
  • Booklets and drug cards easily accessed online
  • Allow employees to choose coverage online
  • Combined Retirement and Benefits administration
  • One invoice for multiple carriers
  • Access to producing Total Compensation Statements

Plan Member Experience

  • Mobile App claims submission
  • Desk-top claims submission
  • Pay direct drug cards
  • Direct bill from paramedical practitioners and dental offices
  • Automated prescription delivery service
  • Coverage options from desk-top or mobile app
  • View claims history and benefit allowances