Employee Benefits

Whether you’re 5, 50 or 500 people strong, you need an employee benefits strategy that works for your business. At Dent Benefits Consulting, we specialize in designing simple, effective employee benefits strategies customized to your needs.

You could be a new company starting your first employee benefits plan or a large firm with an in-house team of Human Resource professionals, expanding across Canada or internationally. Our team of award-winning benefits consultants, administrators and industry professionals will help you get to your destination.

Working closely with your team, we start by exploring and understanding your specific needs, goals and challenges, before building a customized strategy unique to your company and people.

It starts with a couple of simple questions…

  • What is the purpose of your employee benefits plan?
  • If you were to look back three years from today, what would have had to happen to make your benefits plan a success?

These are key questions behind any successful benefits strategy. The answers shape the game plan – the approach we’ll take to design a strategy that delivers the results your business needs to succeed.

Building a Strategy

Every strategy is unique, taking cues from a variety of factors including the type, size and goals of your business. Our strategy would change depending if you are a for-profit or non-profit organization

For example, for-profit companies may want to develop strategies around:

  • Attracting and retaining the most talented people
  • Promoting a healthy workforce
  • Increasing profitability

On the other hand, non-profit companies may want to develop strategies around:

  • Supporting vulnerable people or those in need
  • Reducing disability and return to work
  • Plan governance
  • Risk management or annual budgeting

These factors and many more are explored in detail as we formulate an employee benefits strategy for your business.

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