Association Benefit Plans

Association Benefit Plans for Your Members

DENT Benefits provides a variety of insurance solutions for members of associations. We will add value to your organization by providing members access to association benefit plans that are effective and low cost. Most importantly our plans are tailored to your specific association, after all: “your industry is unique and so are the people in it”.

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Industries and Associations we work with:

  • Community and Social Services
  • Technology
  • Construction
  • Professionals

Community & Social Services

Non-profit organizations can often struggle to provide high-quality benefits plans to their people. This doesn’t need to be the case!

You help people in need – let us help support your organization with a great employee benefits plan!


The construction sector plays an important role in building the infrastructure and environment in which we live, work and play. We’re honoured to support the hard-working people in the construction industry.

You build the roads, bridges and buildings – let us build your company a great employee benefits plan.You deliver the goods on a daily basis – let us deliver a great employee benefits plan!

Professional Services

Working within the professional service industry has given us the insight and experience on what works best. We serve serves a wide range of professional services firms, including accountants, architects, lawyers, business consultants, engineers, law firms and recruiters.


The technology sector continues to re-shape the landscape for administration, communication, service and reporting in the Benefit and Pension industry. Providing insight to industry clients and partners on the efficiencies and opportunities from new developments have helped us become recognized as a leader in the technology sector. We enjoy and are proud to work alongside technology companies and their associations.