Small Business Benefits

Wholesale Buying Power for Small Business Benefits

Small business benefits should be relatively simple and cost effective. Unfortunately many companies are treated unfairly simply due to the number of employees they have. Small businesses are crucial to our economy and should be given the same advantages as a large company when it comes to employee benefits.

Whether you’re 2, 10 or 50 people strong, you can take advantage of our Wholesale Buying Power. You’ll be treated like a big company with thousands of employees, giving you access to superior benefits at a reduced cost.

Small businesses can often face double-digit rate increases when renewing benefits individually. You can avoid this by joining our wholesale arrangement!


  • Increased buying power
  • Annual savings are usually between 10% and 20%
  • Lower administration costs and insurance company margins
  • Guaranteed coverage (no medicals required)
  • Flexible plan options
  • Priced on your own company claims usage
  • Bad claims experience by a fellow block member will not adversely affect your price

Having wholesale purchasing power behind you will allow you to gain a competitive edge in the market. Having a cost-effective method of protecting your employees and their families will enable to you hire and retain top talent. It is also a very tax-effective form of compensation.

If you are a small business, we at DENT Benefits feel you should be afforded the same advantages as large companies when it comes to purchasing employee benefits. Contact us for more information on our small business benefits plans.

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