Group Dental Insurance in Surrey

In British Columbia, the Medical Services Plan (MSP) only covers your emergency dental work. If you are in a car accident or lose your teeth in a hockey game, you are entitled to coverage for your dental care. However, routine dental work is not covered under the BC MSP. Group Dental Insurance in Surrey and across the Lower Mainland is a critical component of your employee benefits package.

Good dental work can be expensive, without coverage your employees could be subject to the following fees:

  • $200 for standard cleaning
  • $100 for a filling
  • $500+ for crowns and fillings

Anyone who has had a painful tooth experience, whether from a cavity or some other medical problem, knows it is impossible to concentrate on anything else but the pain. Routine dental care will prevent most issues and is important for your long-term health as well.

Another critical part of group dental insurance is coverage for dependents. The cost of braces or other orthodontic services for children can be a huge financial strain for the average BC family.

Those without employer sponsored coverage can purchase individual dental insurance policies and the cost for this coverage can vary. At DENT, we encourage business owners to take a vested interest in their employee’s health care as part of an overall employee retention strategy. Group dental insurance in Surrey and the Fraser Valley provides your employees with peace-of-mind knowing that dental emergencies will not affect their personal finances.

If you are interested in setting your business apart from the competition, we encourage you to contact the employee retention experts at DENT Benefits for more information. Group dental insurance does not have to be a huge financial strain on your business either, there are many cost-effective plans available and DENT specializes in creating a custom group benefits plan for your business.

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