Corporate Insurance


Your Business, Your Plan, Your Options

A carefully planned corporate insurance strategy can be very impactful. Our team has solutions to not only protect your business and loved ones but to also lighten your tax load. Below are a few key strategies that may be worth exploring.

Buy/Sell Insurance

Avoid unwanted business partners and provide the funds needed to buy out shareholders that become unable to work or pass away suddenly.

Key Person Insurance

Protect your business from the loss of a fundamental employee(s) and give your business the financial support it may need in a time of transition.

Business Overhead Insurance

Have expenses (salaries, rent, property taxes and utilities) covered in the event of a disability that keeps you away from the office while you recover.

Estate/Tax Planning Insurance

Secure long term development and growth of your business, provide charitable gifts, preserve your wealth and lighten your tax load. Taking the time to access your options and implement a plan will help ensure your objectives are achieved.