Tax Exempt Life Insurance

Keep more money – pay less tax!

A Life Insurance Tax Shelter has been a popular tax haven used by Canadians for over a century. Tax Exempt Life Insurance shelters can allow for tax-free growth with very little risk. These plans are issued in the form of a policy by a life insurance company that provide the flexibility to deposit money and shelter all the growth from income and capital gains tax.

When structured and designed properly, a Tax-Exempt Life Insurance (TELI) contract:

  • can be owned personally or corporately
  • will provide stable tax-exempt compound growth
  • provides unique leverage capabilities and access to capital at anytime
  • can provide tax-exempt retirement income
  • provides a guaranteed tax-exempt death benefit
  • can have flexible funding arrangements

We work closely with clients and their professional advisors to ensure details, desired outcomes and process is clearly communicated and understood, which always leads to a better results.

For more information and details, have a complimentary TELI booklet sent to your door-step: