Leveraging Technology to Streamline Group Benefit Plan Administration

DENT is proud to work with benefits providers that are leveraging technology to streamline group benefit plan administration, and improve the experience of the plan members. After all, if either the administrator or user finds the group benefits program arduous, the business will only suffer in the long-term. Technology is constantly evolving and shifting, staying on top of the growing trends is important for group benefit providers to remain competitive in the market.

Here is just some of the new technology available to you and your plan members:

Flexible Benefits

Offering your employees a choice in their benefits not only ensures they get the healthcare relevant to them individually, it also gives the business more control over costs when compared to a traditional benefits plan. Employees are given credits to purchase health coverage, they then choose only the coverage they need. A young worker in their 20’s may not require the same prescription drug coverage as someone in their 50’s, they may prefer to spend their credits on massage therapy, child care, etc.

Technology has made the administration of flexible benefits simple for the employer. Easy online set-up wizards guide your employee through the benefits enrollment process, eliminating much of the administrative and reporting requirements seen in a traditional analog program.

Human Resources and Payroll Integration

Leveraging technology to streamline group benefit plan administration has led to the creation of HRIS’s (human resource information systems). Through this new technology, you can combine accounting, human resources and benefit plan administration in one cloud-based program that eliminates mundane data-entry. This system can automatically process recurring pay runs and new hires to eliminate double-entry between HR and payroll departments. Comprehensive reports are generated at the touch of a button and enable you to make real-time decisions about your business. Click here to learn more about HRIS systems.

Mobile Apps

You can already order pizza, transfer money and connect with people all over the world from the palm of your hand. Why not group benefit plan administration as well? Group benefit mobile apps are making submitting and reviewing claims simple and easy for your employees. Not to mention taking a large burden off your benefit plan administrator.

If you are interested in leveraging technology to streamline group benefit plan administration, we encourage you to contact DENT Benefits today to save your business time and money!

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