Top BC Group Benefit Trends in 2019

The year is going fast, before you know it, we will be entering the next decade! Now is a good time to reflect on the top BC group benefit trends in 2019 to help identify areas of improvement for your business. As always, the goal is to differentiate your business from the competition and ensure you are the preferred destination for top employees in your industry.


The big headline-maker this year was the legalization of recreational marijuana across Canada. This also helped legitimize the medical-marijuana sector and we have seen a wide variety of new products available on the market. CBD oil is used to treat anything from MS to headaches and back pain. Many group benefit plans are covering medical marijuana as an alternative to complex pharmaceuticals cooked up in a lab. Click here to learn more about medical marijuana inside a group benefit plan.

Financial Wellness

We encourage you to read our article on Why Financial Wellness is Important for your Employees in Canada to learn more about this growing trend. Financial wellness has a direct impact of the physical and mental health of your employees and is just as important as eating healthy foods and exercising.

Health & Wellness Spending Accounts

Trying to find one plan that fits all your employees’ needs is next to impossible. Health Spending Accounts and Wellness Spending Accounts eliminate the hassle and provide your employees with the freedom to choose benefits that fit their individual needs. To learn more check out this article on The Difference Between a Health Spending Account and a Wellness Spending Account.


Telemedicine is fast becoming a popular platform for Canadians access health care professionals without the long waits at the clinic. For a simple rash, illness or minor injury, employees can now consult a doctor or nurse via video chat on their smart phones, vastly reducing wait times for serious medical emergencies and public health care costs.

To learn more about the top BC group benefit trends in 2019 and how your business can take advantage, contact DENT Benefits!

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