Vancouver Employee Benefit Plans

Vancouver Employee Benefit Plans

What makes Vancouver employee benefit plans so important to your company’s bottom line?

Rarely do we stop to wrap our minds around the tremendous impacts on productivity and the bottom line caused by a valuable team member being forced to miss multiple days at the office. Lost days are often due to lingering health issues that don’t seem to be improving. In 2011, a Statistics Canada study found that businesses lost 105 million workdays due to employee illness and personal reasons, an average of about 9.3 workdays lost per employee.

According to a 2012 Conference Board of Canada study, these absences cost the economy an astounding $16.6 billion. When the costs associated with those absences are double and sometimes triple the cost of drug claims, we know we have a bigger problem than we may have first imagined.

The biggest problem is employees suffering with long-term illnesses with no definitive diagnosis. This results in many work days lost to sick and un-productive employees.

How can Vancouver employee benefit plans help solve this problem and decrease the amount of unproductive days your employees spend sick?

It's important that employers understand that investing in each employee's health and well-being is not only a meaningful gesture, it's good for business. This is why many leading employers now offer employee benefits that provide in-depth expert medical reviews, customized health coaching, and much more.

Vancouver employee benefit plans can make sure your employees are getting the right diagnosis and treatment plan. This will maximize productivity and improve morale in your company.

When employees and employers work together, they can form a powerful team against medical uncertainty and the millions of lost workdays that result from incorrectly diagnosed or improperly treated conditions.

Call the experts at DENT Benefits to learn more about how a quality Vancouver employee benefit plan can not only attract top talent, but also increase productivity in your business.
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