Using Virtual Wellness to Improve Employee Health

DENT Benefits has always promoted overall employee health and wellness. COVID-19 has disrupted work-life routines, requiring employers and advisors like DENT to evolved with the changing landscape and ensure employees continue to be supported in the “new normal.” Using virtual wellness to improve employee health during the pandemic is a great way to provide support even though normal face-to-face interactions may be a thing of the past.

If you are wondering how to use virtual wellness to improve employee health, here are some great ideas:

Continue to Engage Socially

Connections among employees and employers contribute to greater job satisfaction. Those informal catch-ups around the workplace we took for granted are important for morale. Now is the time to connect more frequently using the technology at your disposal. You can avoid those feelings of isolation by having catch-up video calls, arranging virtual team lunches or even virtual team building exercises.

Promote Healthy Eating and Exercise

With many employees isolated, it is important to reinforce healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Try a healthy recipe exchange online or create a team-building challenge where employees share pictures of meals they have cooked. Employers can also incentivize employees to achieve a personal exercise goal by creating mini challenges using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Maintain Mental Wellness using Virtual Tools

Employee burn-out is a rising concern during this pandemic, with increased isolation from family, friends and co-workers contributing to the problem. If your current benefit package does not offer any virtual mental wellness tools, now is a good time to review your benefits to ensure they are relevant with today’s mental health challenges.

Using virtual wellness to improve employee health provides extra support while staff are working remotely. Organizations using these tools can promote a greater sense of unity among staff members and give employees confidence that their employer is concerned about their well-being.

If you are interested in learning how to use virtual wellness to improve employee health, contact the employee wellness specialists at DENT Benefits.

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