Western Canadian Group Benefits Plans – Changes in 2018

Happy New Year from all of us at DENT Benefits! As we are rapidly approaching 2018, now is a great time to explore new changes expected for western Canadian group benefits plans. Throughout the New Year there are a number of expected changes, we have highlighted some of the major ones for you below:

Alberta Workers Compensation Act Changes

In 2018 there are new changes for Alberta employers to be aware of. Alberta employers must now continue to provide group benefits to injured workers for one year following an injury. They must also support the return-to-work of employees who suffer injuries or illnesses in the workplace.

Alberta is also making provisions for five days of unpaid leave per year, for personal emergencies and care giving responsibilities.

Recreational Marijuana to be Legal across Canada

As of July 1st, recreational use of marijuana will become legal in Canada. There could be a number of repercussions for employers. We encourage you to read our article on Preparing Your Business for the Legalization of Marijuana in 2018 to make sure your company is prepared.

Changes to the Canada Labour Code

The Canada Labour Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act will be revised to make it illegal for employers and insurance companies to ask for the results of genetic tests for policies under $250,000. This accounts for approximately 85% of all insurance policies across Canada.

BC MSP Changes

As of Jan 1st 2018, the Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums are being reduced by 50% for all residents of the province. For businesses who cover their employee’s MSP premiums, this will obviously be a large cost savings, also for individuals who pay their premiums out-of-pocket.

Western Canadian group benefits plans are ever evolving and it is important to stay on top of regulatory changes that can affect your business. DENT Benefits is your resource for all regulatory changes and advice on group benefits plans, pensions, life insurance and workplace health in general.

If you are interested in a complimentary review of your current group benefits plan, contact the experts at DENT Benefits today!

The information in this material is derived from various sources. Material is provided for general information and is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to compile this material from reliable sources; however, no warranty can be made as to its accuracy or completeness. Before acting on any of the above, please contact us for benefit, pension and insurance advice based on your corporate or personal circumstances.

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